First Nation housing conditions in Canada

Housing and Health Crisis on First Nations

Aboriginal Housing Protective Association

Safe, affordable, and sustainable housing in First Nations across Canada.

Who we are

AHPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering, supporting, and working with housing authorities in First Nation communities all across Canada.

What we do

Whether you are a first time Housing Manager or a seasoned professional, AHPA is here to help guide you and your maintenance staff to provide safe, sustainable, and affordable housing solutions in your community.

How we can help

AHPA provides job development, training and certification, advocacy and resources in relation to housing and infrastructure within your community. 

AHPA Membership Options

The more members an association has, the stronger it becomes.

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Housing Managers and Housing Authorities

General voting membership is available to all First Nation housing managers and authorities across Canada.

Associations, Private Citizens, Supporters

Non-voting membership is available to associations, nonprofits, individuals, students, and elders.

Businesses and Organizations

Non-voting business membership is available to public and private companies and businesses of all size.

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